Dr. York Defends Thesis At Lüssiweg

It is a pleasure for UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland to announce that Mr. Donald Oxford York successfully defended his doctoral thesis on Leadership on the 5th of March, 2012 at the Lüssiweg campus in Zug. Dr. York passed his defense with Great Distinction. His Doctoral Committee included: Dr. Lee Dahringer-Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Norman Madarasz-Chief Academic Officer and Dr. Dimitis Koumparoulis-Assistant Dean of Studies. Also in attendance was Dr. Henderson-Dean of Studies who supervised Mr. York throughout his Master and Doctoral studies at Monarch.

The thesis presented was entitled: “The Emergency Medical System: A Praxis Exploration of Leadership in Pre-Hospital Care Environments”. The thesis was presented in fulfillment of the D.Phil. in Business Research/Ph.D. in Administration dual degree. Dr. York also holds a M.Phil. in Business Research from UGSM-Monarch Business School and a B.A. in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal.

Again, we congratulate Dr. York on his accomplishment and we wish him the very best of success in his position as Director of Student Development here at Monarch Business School.

You May Download A Copy Of His Thesis Here (10.3 MB)


Dr. Henderson Congratulates Dr. York On A Positive Defense
Dr. Koumparoulis Congratulates Dr. York