Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Complex Systems & Managerial Decision Making

Managerial decision making within complex systems typifies the nature of business in a globalized world. Often these managerial decisions are complex in nature: you need to make multiple and interdependent decisions rather than a single, one-shot decision. Often feedback on decisions is delayed thus making learning by doing a difficult task. In this environment uncertainty abounds.

The Study of Complex Systems and Managerial Decision Making fellowship program is aimed at supporting research, both theoretical and empirical, directed towards finding the “solutions” to the complex, dynamic tasks that today’s 21st century’s organization face on a continual basis.

The program embraces a multidisciplinary approach with an emphasis on design, development, and the use of dynamic models in the study of complex dynamic tasks, there is no focus on a particular filed of research.

The Monarch Postdoctoral Fellowship in Studying Complex Systems & Managerial Decision Making is geared to provide postdoctoral training, an opportunity to broaden research experience along with the opportunity to gain additional skills to pursue a productive scholarship-based academic or industry career. The Fellowship is for existing Ph.D. holders. Monarch Postdoctoral Fellows will engage in a research project jointly decided by the student and the relevant faculty of Monarch Business School.

Eligibility: Open to existing Ph.D. holders in a relevant field
Type of Fellowship: Non-paid Fellowship
Supervisor: Dr. Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
Duration: 1 or 2 Year(s)
How to Apply: Submission of the Fellowship Application Form
Deadline: Open Until Filled