The Matrix below provides an overview of the major characteristics of each program. Programs vary between Academic and Professional Orientation. Programs also vary with respect to program design between “Thesis-only” programs and programs that contain both “Thesis and Coursework”.

Applicants from OECD developing countries may apply for the Dean’s Scholarship which provides a 20% reduction in the listed fees. Interested applicants should indicate this on the Application form in Section 5.

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Note 1: Full-time students extending beyond the standard duration for their program will be charged monthly at the part-time rate. Part-time students extending beyond the duration of their program will be charge monthly at the Part-time rate. Modular MBA students are charge by the module, there are no extension fees for modular MBA students.

Note 2: All students are charged an annual service fee of 250 Euros to cover: IT costs, student union cost and library access fees.