Dr. Makokoane

South Africa

Dr. Jeremiah Makokoane holds a Master and Doctor of Applied Management Degree from Monarch Business School Switzerland. Ha also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of South Africa and an MBA from MAncosa-The Management College of Southern Africa. He is the founder and Managing Director of Enlarjing Steps (Pty), Ltd., a Business Coaching and Consulting company, fostering great strides in growing leadership performance of corporate executives, and facilitating development of managers and high performance in teams.

Dr. Makokoane’s work experience in management practices as an executive in government and public entities over 20 years involves the development of corporate strategies, policies and processes. He has led various teams of senior public servants in initiating the establishment of national public transportation agencies in democratic South Africa. As Chief Operations Officer he also facilitated the designing of strategic projects of business technology systems and processes supportive to the effective operation of his organization. Dr. Makokoane has been successful in sponsoring and steering the design of information and communications technology (ICT) of government and national public entity systems to drive innovation by digital transformation, specifically of the public transport and legal aid systems. Subsequently, Dr. Makokoane has decided to establish his own company in business coaching and consulting services.