Dr. Jonker

South Africa

Dr. Dirk Jonker is a graduate of the Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship Program at Monarch. He also holds a B.Sc. and MBA from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Dr. Jonker stewards a fourth-generation family estate that exports premium wine to Switzerland. However, pursuing the MBA program ignited an entrepreneurial mindset that subsequently inspired him to diversify his family trust by exploring opportunities in mining and material-handling technologies, value optimization, and process innovation. Other than being an entrepreneur, Dr. Jonker is also passionate about experiential entrepreneurship education as a psycho-socio-economic empowerment tool to combat youth unemployment, providing the motivation for his research. He represents the Swiss eduGLOBE in Southern Africa, is the founder of SwissMaths online and serves on the board of AdMaths South Africa and the governance committee of Genesis South Africa.