Executive Certificates

Build Your Competencies With Flexibility Module By Module

Monarch provides Executive Diplomas and Certificates to working professionals who are looking to empower themselves at their company or consulting practice.  The Executive Diplomas and individual course Certificates enable participants to obtain quality Executive MBA training without having to commit to a longer program of study. This option works well for many high performing managers who may be constrained by their schedules. With the Executive Diplomas and Certificates flexibility is key to successful completion.

All Executive Diplomas and individual course Certificates make use of the same course curriculums found in the Executive MBA program so one can feel assured of attaining the same quality learning. The completion of the Diplomas and Courses also can be allocated in the completion of the MBA program over time. Thus, it represents an easy and secure way to start the MBA program without the worry of a larger commitment.  

Executive MBA Courses

Participants may select individual courses to follow simply on their own or build towards  the Executive Diploma in Global Management or the Executive MBA Degree. Individual courses are a smart way to quickly obtain recognizable credentials for your professional resume. The course content is the same as within the Executive MBA degree and all completed courses may be applied to the completion of the Executive MBA. Each module provides a course diploma upon successful completion.