Dr. Yusuf Nulla To Present His Research At The 4th Biennial Global Accounting Confernce in Sharjah UAE

Yusuf Nulla, D.Phil. Business Research Candidate

The University is proud to announce that recent Doctoral graduate, Dr. Yusuf Nulla, D.Phil. will be presenting his main comprehensive research at the 4th Biennial Global Accounting Conference and Organizational Change Conference in Sharjah, UAE at AUS – The American University Sharjah from the 17 of November, 2014.

You May See The Conference Website Here

Dr. Nulla’s research is entitled “Does IFRS adoption improve Financial Reporting (Accounting) Quality?” We wish to congratulate Dr. Nulla for his efforts and for providing an example to the Doctoral Candidates at Monarch as to how the Alumni continue to contribute research to the domains of management study.

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