The Crux Of A Ph.D. Study

No truer words spoken. Direct and to the point. All Doctoral candidates need to keep these words in the forefront of their mind and actions.

“That�s were you go wrong. Parroting what others say, copying what others do, this is what fails you. You alone must do it. You must grasp what�s being conveyed and make it your own through your own understanding….Your problem is that you never want to think for yourself, you just want to be taught; this is why you haven’t developed the habit of thinking for yourself…Don’t just swallow what anyone says. You must have your own ideas. You must judge the merits of anything for yourself….Never unquestioningly accept whatever anyone says as the truth. To do so is dangerous because it will make you lose the desire to generate your own ideas. Even when you learn from another, you must engage in critical thinking to develop it further.” Tatsuo Kimura � �Transparent Power, A Secret Teaching Revealed� p.134

Transparent Power