Monarch Introduces Course Based Doctor of Applied Management

UGSM-Monarch Business School announces the formation of a fully course-based professional business doctorate. The Doctor of Applied Management is designed for working professionals who wish to improve their management skills with the intent of working at the highest level of their organizations. The program is practically oriented and applied in its focus. Thus, the program makes exclusive use of course based teaching. There is no thesis requirement within this Doctoral degree. The program is also designed to be affordable and is introduced at the total cost of 15,000 Euros for the 36 month duration. Participants may also choose part-time status over 48 or 60 months.

The program employs a blended learning methodology that includes practical workplace application, current management scholarship and individual reflection. Success in the program is defined as higher executive performance and effectiveness in the real world of the participant�s existing workplace. The program covers material considered to be essential to applied management and executive skill. Contemporary themes covered include: Management Performance, Authentic Leadership, Innovation & Change, The Importance of Culture, Social Issues in Management and Strategic Thinking. Dr. Henderson, the Dean of the Faculty, was quoted as saying:

“The program is designed for the working professional who is looking to sharpen their hands-on, practical and applied skills. The program is very affordable thereby making Doctoral studies available to a larger number of individuals. The design of the program makes use of online course-based study without the requirement for a large thesis component and this also opens the program up to many more students who for reason of constraint can not commit to a large dissertation process.”

You May View The Program Page Here