Doctoral Student Vincent Nwani To Present Paper At AEF 50th Annual Conference

The University is proud to announce that Doctoral Candidate Mr. Vincent Nwani, will present a paper at the 50th annual conference of the Academy of Economics and Science in Mobile, Alabama in February, 2013. The paper abstract is presented below.

There is a growing concern among countries over key short-term economic and business indicators. These indicators are meant to monitor the economic outcomes and in turn provide planners with the early signals of the turning points in economic activities. Such indicators are used to help both the government and the private sector decision-makers check their performances and plan their investment actions. Business Confidence Index (BCI) surveys are a regular feature of the business research and information landscapes across the developed and, increasingly, developed world. For instance, all the OECD countries and most emerging markets currently produce one BCI or another over the past fifteen years. Nigeria has no equivalent study: in fact, decision-makers lack regular access to any leading economic indicator to aid them in making crucial business decisions. We have decided to remedy this situation by constructing a template for Nigeria BCI. The objective of this research is to produce an initial BCI that will form the basis for a continuous quarterly BCI survey and analysis for the country. The idea is to produce a tailor made estimate of the economic environment from the perception of top private sector players in Nigeria.