Student Focus: Corrie Block

Name: Corrie Block
Nationality: Canadian
Program: Doctor of Business Administration
Focus: Business Development

  • Ph.D. Arab & Islamic Studies, University of Exeter (in progress)
  • Master of Global Leadership, The Fuller School of Inter’l Studies, California
  • Arabic Language Program (Honours), Contemporary Language Institute, Yemen


Corrie Block is presently following the Doctor of Business Administration program at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland. He holds a Master of Global Leadership from The Fuller School of International Studies in California and is presently following a Ph.D. at the University of Exeter in Arab & Islamic Studies. He also is an honours graduate in Arabic language from the Contemporary Language Institute in Taiz, Yemen.

Presently, Corrie Block holds the position of Vice-President of IPSA HR Solution for the MENA region. Previously, he has worked both as an independent business consultant as well as within the corporate environment with the following groups: Zeitgeist Holdings and Vabadus Noorte Liikumine. Within the academic field, Mr. Block has been the primary developer of the curriculum at the MBA and AMP (Advanced Management Program) level at the Lebanese International University.

In the past, he has been instrumental in the co-ordination of the production of comprehensive strategies for the provisioning of water and natural gas within the domestic market of Yemen. Mr. Block has been a speaker or keynote speaker at a number of conferences and seminars throughout Canada, the US, UK and EU countries and is the only non‐Arab presenting at the 2011 National Leadership Forum in Yemen hosted by the Qurtoba Group. Mr. Block has been published in Consulting Magazine in December 2008 on “Consulting for Metanetworks” and he is currently in the development stage of several non‐fiction books. His professional and academic focus revolves around business development with the NENA region with an emphasis on Human Resources.

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