Fully Online DBA / Ph.D. Announced

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson, the Dean of Studies at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland announces the start of a fully online Doctor of Business Administration / Ph.D. in Management dual degree program. The new program introduces a Doctoral level course-based program for managers along the traditional DBA curriculum with a dual degree option allowing participants to also obtain the Ph.D. in Management title while completing the degree 100% online.

The program allows practicing managers and graduate students the ability to complete all course requirements online thus providing a level of independence and flexibility not found in traditional doctoral programs.

Dr. Henderson, the Director of Studies for Monarch Business School was quoted as saying:

“The new fully online DBA/Ph.D. enables students to complete doctoral level management training at an affordable price in a flexible and fluid set-up that responds and respects their commitments toward their professional and personal lives. Using the online digital student learning platform participants are able to complete their course-work based on their own schedules. This is a tremendous benefit for those who previously could not commit due to fixed class schedules based on cohort arrangements.”

The Dual degree DBA/Ph.D. in Management program contains seven management courses, a research methodology course and a manuscript component completed over 36 months. During the manuscript component participants work in conjunction with their supervisor on a one-to-one basis to successfully submit their final manuscript to the University. Throughout the program participants progress at their own speed based on their own determined schedule.

Registration is now open and interested participants are asked to contact Dr. Henderson at [email protected] for additional information.