Dr. Rutimirwa


Dr. Benjamin Rutimirwa is a graduate of the Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics program. He holds a Master of eGovernance from the Ecole Polytecnique Federale de Lausanne. He also holds a Lincens� in Economics from the Universit� Libre de Kigali and a Bachelors in Law from the Universit� LaiqueAdventiste de Kigali.

At present, he holds the position of Officer in Charge of Cost and pricing Analysis at the Rwanda Utilities Agency in the Energy, Water and Sanitation Sector. Previously, Dr. Rutimirwa had worked as an Administrative and Financial Director at DHL Rwanda. In 2011 Dr. Rutimirwa sat as the Chairman of the Task Force in charge of Rwanda Utilities regulatory Agency collection fees and has been the Chairman of the Kigarama Sector Council, Kicukiro District since 2003. He also sits as the Chairman of the Kicukiro Development Saving and Credit Cooperatives Union (KDSU) � Umurenge SACCO�s Union.