Dr. Narayanan


Dr. Narayanan serves as the CEO of Avant Health, a management consulting firm focused on supporting strategy formulation for public sector, Bio-pharmaceutical and healthcare clients globally. His work centers around being a catalyst to globally enable healthcare entities to achieve their organizational objectives, maintaining their customer/patient focus. To do this, Dr. Narayanan pulls on his experience of launching assets in more than two dozen countries, as well as decades of creating and driving strategy across the product lifecycle to meet external stakeholder needs. He also reaches out to his network of relationships with payers (U.S & Ex-U.S), HTA stakeholders, international/national societies, KOLs and Patient Advocacy Groups and continue to publish insights relevant to them.

Dr. Narayanan has built a strong career and leadership in commercial/medical strategies, market access, value/evidence and health policy within Pharma/Biotech industry through tenures at PTC Therapeutics (globally leading Market Access and Value Creation functions, with a focus on orphan diseases), Human Genome Sciences/GSK (globally leading HEOR, Epidemiology and Access functions, with a focus on orphan disease & immunology franchises), BMS (leading U.S HEOR and Health Services with a focus on oncology & immunology franchises) and Merck & Co. (supporting ORM and U.S MEDSA with a focus on CNS, ID & respiratory franchises) covering US & Ex-US market segments.

In the strategy consulting arena, Dr. Narayanan served as the President and Global Head of Pointe Health/Pointe Advisory, and has held SVP roles at Decision Resources Group, TNS Healthcare/Kantar Health and Ipsos Healthcare leading relevant divisions and client strategies to help clients create commercial and scientific strategies and patient access solutions, articulate product value propositions and achieve optimal access in the U.S and Ex-U.S. Within healthcare provider sector, Dr. Narayanan led clinical and strategic evaluations across a spectrum of Long-term care services at Beverly Enterprises, where he also served in their Pharmacy Quality council (a P&T Committee), supporting patient management across the service lines encompassing Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Centers,

Dr. Narayanan�s academic background include a PhD in Business Research from Monarch Business School Switzerland, Master�s in Health Policy and Management from Johns Hopkins University in the USA, and Master of Science in Bioengineering from University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom. He holds further specialization certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University in the USA. Dr. Narayanan is a beneficiary of various awards including the Overseas Development Award from British Commonwealth at University of Strathclyde (U.K), and merit awards from executive leadership within PTC Therapeutics, Ipsos, and Beverly Enterprises for performance excellence and exhibition of organization leadership.

Dr. Narayanan�s academic interest lies in understanding the organizational dynamics surrounding payer, healthcare provider and patient stakeholder decision-making that directly impacts population health outcomes. Further, he conducts extensive research to highlight disease/patient burden and the impact of various healthcare interventions in alleviating such burden. This is reflected in over two hundred and fifty scientific publications and presentations that Dr. Narayanan has led over the past two decades of his career.