Dr. Gates-Porter


Dr. Gates-Porter holds a Doctorate and Masters in Applied Management from the Monarch Business School, Switzerland. She is currently the Director of Research Compliance Operations for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for the Mount Sinai Health System. The Health System�s mission is to ensure that all patients receive compassionate care via the use of the most advanced medicine, using education, outreach and research as its pillars. The Organization�s core values include equity and inclusion fostering an environment free of racism or bias. As Director of Research Compliance Operations, Dr. Gates-Porter ensures compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations related to Basic Sciences research. In this capacity she is responsible for the training of Post-doctoral Fellows (and their study teams) as well as assisting them with sponsored research grant proposals.

Ensuring accurate documentation is also paramount to the functions provided and she has received commendation from AAALAC International inspectors regarding exemplary record keeping which assists in continued accreditation held by the Institution since 1965. Representing the Health System during federal and state inspections (e.g., AAALAC, USDA, and DOH, OSHA) and for other regulatory matters, Dr. Gates-Porter serves as an integral point of contact with external and internal compliance and accreditation representatives. Fostering relationships with Research Compliance, Employee Health Services, Conflict of Interest (COI), Environmental Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Legal and the Grants and Contracts Offices, she ensures that the processes for review of research proposals, compliance, and basic sciences are effective and streamlined within the organization. Dr. Gates-Porter developed the current IACUC training program for LaGuardia College veterinary technician students, and provides new IACUC board members with training, on protocol review and board member processes. Additionally, she sets strategic goals and staff assignment plans, based on federal requirements and programmatic needs. She directs and manages semiannual inspections of over 300 research laboratories within the Health System across 4 campuses. As a direct participant on three Health System re-engineering committees charged with i) developing on-line documents and tools to assist researchers during the application submission process, ii) charged with identifying strategies for communicating with the research community, and iii) the Research Administration Optimization Committee, all were instrumental in the reorganization process aimed at increasing researcher satisfaction and enhancing business processes thorough-out the institution.

Most recently she has obtained a certification in cardiac telemetry monitoring. Her Doctoral research, �A review of the low cost carrier airline model, corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to corporate sustainability and profit� focuses on the need for LLCs to incorporate corporate social responsibility models to remain sustainable. Her research concluded that to fulfill the requirements of sustainability, low cost carriers must use innovation as a core competency. In doing so, this would align organizational culture around the concepts of innovation and sustainability. Dr. Gates-Porter noted that future research must close the gap that exists regarding low cost carriers, their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and the triple bottom line (TBL). Although corporate decision makers outline policies to achieve cohesion between CSR and TBL, there may be competing agendas. Such research must focus on determining the impact competing stakeholder interests have on organizational efforts towards sustainability.