Dr. Kemayou


Dr. Kemayou is currently the Chief Fragility and Resilience Expert at the African Development Bank, a Multilateral Development Bank with a core mission to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries, thus contributing to poverty reduction.

Dr. Kemayou holds a PhD in developmental Economics at Monarch Business School. He also holds a Bachelor and Master of Economics Sciences from Yaounde University in Cameroon. His Doctoral thesis was focused on “International Aid And Fragility: Assessing the effectiveness of Official Development Assistance through a comparative perspective for a subset of Sub-Saharan African nations”. As fragility has become a core challenge/constraint to development, all multilateral development institutions including the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, have joined the African Development Bank in institutionalizing Fragility into their development agenda. The findings from Dr. Kemayou’s research at Monarch is proving critical in the approach to address fragility as (i) strengthening institutions at national, local and sectoral levels, (ii) spurring private sector development in fragile settings, and (iii) catering for the bottom 30% of the demographic pyramid take precedence over any intervention aimed at fighting fragility, particularly in Africa. A main findings of the research shows that “For every one percentage point increase in Institutional Quality, Fragility is reduced by 2.93 percent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Variations in Institutional Quality account for 73.06% of variations in Fragility”.

As the Chief Fragility and Resilience Expert at the African Development Bank, Dr. Kemayou’s main responsibilities entail the development, programming and implementation oversight of fragility interventions in the Bank’s Regional Member Countries, based on the Bank’s Agenda for addressing fragility and building resilience in Africa, stemming from the Bank’s “High 5s Agenda” and other relevant Bank policies, strategies and guidelines. He is also in charge of the preparation and coordination of analytical work, the fragility-lens application in the Bank’s programmatic and operational documents, and he provides technical leadership and quality assurance in the review phases of the various Project Conceptual Notes and Project Appraisal Reports so as to ensure that fragility and resilience are properly and adequately mainstreamed into the operations. Furthermore, he provides strategic directions in the preparation of the Country Diagnostic Notes and Regional Diagnostic Notes and ensures the findings from the country or regional fragility and resilience assessments are mainstreamed and effectively translated into strategic pillars and operational priorities across the Bank’s interventions.

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