Prof. Coles

Professor of International Relations

Professor Christopher Coles holds the position of Professor of International Relations. Professor Coles holds a Master of Arts in Political Economics from The University of London. He has been Vice-President of Mongolian National University in Mongolia where he presently teaches. He has held positions such as Director of Foreign Relations, Professor of Business Administration and Professor of International Relations as well as Director of Global Business Curriculum at Montpellier Business School. He also delivered courses to students at L’école de Commerce ESG Montpellier.

Professor Coles’ academic interests focus primarily around the Imperial Russian State’s Relationship to the Jewish People, the Mohawk Res Publica, Indigenous and Anglo Legal Rights, Pedagogy, Geopolitics, Interdisciplinary Studies, Macroeconomics and Global History. He is interested in issues related to the Role of the State and the Role of the Individual.

During his professional career Professor Coles has worked for MDS Pharma, QBE Insurance, AES The Global Power Company, Prominvest Bank, Kyiv State Government and the Saskatoon Institute of Technology (SIAST) in Canada.