Dr. Gary Keller Of Monarch Included In The UNSSC Roster Of Instructors

Dr-Keller-150-175It is a pleasure for Monarch Business School to announce that Dr. Gary Keller, Professor of Management, has been included in the UNSSC Roster of Instructors.

The mission of the Staff College is to contribute to a more effective, results-oriented and agile United Nations through learning, training and knowledge dissemination. With its Headquarters in Turin (Italy) and its second Campus in Bonn (Germany), the Staff College is a centre of excellence for training and knowledge management within the UN system. Each year, the UNSSC offers learning initiatives that reach over 10,000 beneficiaries including residential courses, distance-learning, strategic exchanges and seminars. The programmes range from leadership and management development, to the development of those sectoral and functional competences that are needed to effectively serve as an international civil servant. The UNSSC also provides learning interventions to increase technical and substantive knowledge spanning the three pillars of the UN�s work: peace and security, human rights and development. Since 2015, all of the Staff College�s learning and training activities are geared towards enabling the UN system and its partners to address the challenges posed by the adoption of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

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