Dr. Cole


Dr. Lori Cole is a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Ethics graduate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Chaminade University, Hawaii. Additionally, she holds a Master of Science in Data Analytics from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Dr. Cole is a Cyber Security practitioner with 19 years of industry, government, and military experience.

Dr. Cole holds the rank of Senior Vice President at CitiGroup, New York, serving as a Global Security and Investigative Services Governance Program Manager. She concurrently serves in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Cyber Warfare officer. She also instructs at the SANS Institute within their Graduate Curriculum, focusing on applied cyber research. Dr. Cole holds the GSEC, GCIH, and GLEG certifications from GIAC.

Dr. Cole is passionate about cyber education and equity for marginalized communities. Her volunteerism, speaking engagements, and publications reflect her efforts to counter disparities within the Cyber Security sector and ensure that opportunities for growth, leadership, and advancement are accessible and inclusive of all people.

Her academic interests focus on Education, Data Science, and Military Ethics. Her Master research demonstrate how cognitive computing can educate and empower cybersecurity analysts in operational environments. Additionally, she designed and operationalized a suite of predictive models which successfully classify pre-cursory behaviors to financial crimes, alerting financial institutions before account compromises occur. Based on her doctoral research, Dr. Cole developed The Transactional Ethics Communication Framework (TECF), which provides a dialogic means of escalating and discussing ethical dilemmas within an intelligence community environment to prevent whistleblowing.

Her publications expose gender disparity in technical fields, hype novel ways to optimize cyber security operations, and offer pioneering views on how behavioral deviance can inspire vital change in some of the most bureaucratic spaces.