D.Phil. in Governance Announced

Dr. Henderson, the Dean of Studies, at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland is proud to announce the introduction of the Doctor of Philosophy in Governance program at the University. The program is open and accepting candidates as of April-2013. The program has been introduced in order to encourage research on the important topics of: business-in-society, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, social issues in management, civil society, ethics and social justice. It is expected that the program will become one of the pillars of the university.

Dr. Henderson was quoted as saying:

“The domain of study that focuses on the nature of business and its role in society is of utmost importance in the world today. Business in society studies are of paramount interest to UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland and we wish to encourage more candidates to explore this rich field of knowledge.

It is a core value at Monarch that business may be a source and catalyst for positive change throughout the developed and developing world. But in order to fulfill this role Business in Society needs to be examined in a critical way so that the future may be shaped by managers, executives and knowledge workers for the better. Governance is an important field of study because it affects everyone who is touched by business activity. It truly is an area of study where a research candidate can make a real impact through their work.”

Interested candidates may view the extended program page here!