Dr. Antoniou – Professor of Tourism & Leisure

The relatively recent emergence of the hospitality industry as a fast-growing sector of service economies has created the need to research Tourism and Leisure in its own right. Despite Tourism and Leisure being governed by the very basic economic principles as most other business sectors, it is still unique in the different manifestations and operations and internationalization processes. Tourism and Leisure is a far-reaching topic that include hospitality and hotels, transportation and airlines, thematic recreation and venues, to mention but a few.

One of the most fascinating features of Tourism and Leisure is its dynamic, ever-changing nature that makes capturing its theoretical underpinnings in a static way a challenge, but at the same time offers fertile ground for theory building. Researching Tourism and Leisure can thus take many directions: it can happen at the functional level, it may attempt to address scope, or research may focus on geography. In this respect Tourism and Leisure is ideal for interdisciplinary approaches with other, more mature disciplines within the domain of Economics, and beyond.