Dr-David-Bevan-150-175Structural features of contemporary society, such as the profit imperative, patriarchy, racial inequality, and ecological irresponsibility, often encourage managers to see organizations as instruments of domination and exploitation. Driven by a shared desire to change this situation the program aims to develop critical interpretations of management and society and to generate radical alternatives. Our critique seeks to connect the practical shortcomings in theories of management and managerial practices to the demands of a socially divisive and ecologically destructive system.

Henderson-150-175Critical Management Studies (CMS) is an approach to research that is “characterised by scepticism concerning the morality and ecological sustainability of prevailing forms of organisation” (www.cms.aom.org). Further, CMS provides a practical and scholarly platform for the critical exploration of unethical and exploitative or inequitable management practices in an attempt to provide insights to new workable solutions.