Alain Bujold

Mr. Alain L. Bujold is a C-Level Executive with 20 years of experience in leading, managing and overseeing the operations of Mawashi Science & Technology, a cutting-edge Defense Research and Development (R&D) firm. Master in New Product Development (NPD), Mr. Bujold has accomplished over 118 Innovative Projects in the Defense & Security Industry. With his team, he has developed several groundbreaking products and technologies, notably: Advanced Load-Carriage Exoskeleton, General Service Respirator, Combat Helmet Suspension System, and Personal Thermoregulation System. Mr. Bujold is also a Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Specialist with a unique expertise in Human Physiology and Vulnerability, Human Factors & Ergonomics, Advanced Materials & Technologies, and Impact Management (Blunt-Trauma, Stab, Ballistic, and Fragmentation).