Student Focus: Felicia Chong – D.Phil. Finance Candidate

CHONG-Felicia-Photo-150-175Ms. Felicia Chong is a Doctor of Philosophy in Finance Candidate. She is a doctoral transfer student from Universiti Malaya. She holds an MBA in Finance from Universiti Putra Malaysia and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. Currently, she is a lecturer in Advanced Financial Managment at the Professional Accounting Center at Damansara Utama University College. She is a recipient of the Malaysian Government’s Full-Bright Scholarship. She is an accomplished academic having published many academic journal articles, manuscripts and books. She has also been a keynote speaker at several international conferences.

Academic Credentials
  • D.Phil. in Finance, Monarch Business School Switzerland (in progress)
  • MBA (Finance), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons.), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Academic Positions Held
  • Lecturer in Advanced Financial Management for ACCA , KDUUC
  • Social Sciences Panellist, Islamic Banking and Finance, IIC University, Cambodia
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Risk Officer, Global Illuminators
  • Member of the Panel Reviewers, World Business Institute, Pty Ltd, 31 Blake Street,
    Berwick, VIC, 3806, Australia
  • External Exam Questions Contributor, The Remisiers’ Examination Department,
    SIDC (Securities Commission), 3, Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Bukit Kiara,50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Awards And Honors
  • The Malaysian government’s Full-Bright Scholar’s Scholarship Recipient (JPA): Doctor of Philosophy Islamic Banking, Finance and Insurance, University Malaya.
  • Research Grant from University Malaya to Advance the project on redevelopment of a platform for Islamic-Equity and Waaf Crowdfunding , Malaysia, June 2016; Expected completion 2018.
Main Academic Interests
  • Islamic Finance
  • Economic Development
  • [2019] Emerging Enterprise Risk Management: Text and Cases. Main Author: Chong, H.L., Wong, W.L., Wong, M.F. Cengage Thompson Publishing Group. forthcoming.
  • [2018] Economics and Business at the Interface of Natural Sciences. Guest Editors: Drakopoulos, D., Schinckus, C., Chong, H.L., Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, forthcoming.
  • [2018] Stochastic-Multi Objective Data Apparatus: A Revised Aggregation of Islamic Asset Liability Data Management. Chong, H.L., Hassan, K., Muhamad, R. (2018). Pacific Basin Finance Journal. forthcoming
  • [2018] Waaqf and Islamic-Equity Crowdfunding with Mudaraba?: Its Application and Implications. Chong, H.L., Muhamad, R. (2018). Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments. forthcoming
  • [2017] Son, V. N., Schinckus, C., & Chong, F. (2017). A post-Marxist approach in development finance: PMF or production mutualisation fund model applied to agriculture. Research in International Business and Finance, 40, 94-104.
  • [2016] Jam, F. A., Donia, M. B., Raja, U., & Ling, C. H. (2016). A time-lagged study on the moderating role of overall satisfaction in perceived politics: Job outcomes relationships. Journal of Management & Organization, 1-16.
  • [2016] Ling, C. H., Ahmed, K., Muhamad, R., Shahbaz, M., & Loganathan, N. (2016). Testing the Social Cost of Rapid Economic Development in Malaysia: The Effect of Trade on Life Expectancy. Social Indicators Research, 1-19. Stochastic-Multi Objective Data Apparatus: A Revised Aggregation of Islamic Asset Liability Data Management. Chong, H.L., Hassan, K., Muhamad, R. (2018).
    Pacific Basin Finance Journal. forthcoming.
  • [2015] Ling, C. H., Ahmed, K., Muhamad, R. B., & Shahbaz, M. (2015). Decomposing the trade-environment nexus for Malaysia: what do the technique, scale, composition, and comparative advantage effect indicate? Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22(24), 20131-20142.