Researcher In Residence

The Monarch Researcher-In-Residence program is aimed at experienced researchers in management and its related fields who wish to be associated with Monarch as their home institution. As a research oriented institution Monarch enables independent researchers to join as associated researchers who may then publish as a Monarch Associate either externally or internally with the Monarch Management Review.

The Research-In-Residence program is open to any Doctoral level researcher with a minimum of five years post-PHD experience. The researcher must be able to demonstrate a high level of research and writing through the submission of no fewer than three published articles.


  • Minimum of 5 years post-PhD experience;
  • Minimum of 3 published articles/books* in peer reviewed journals;
  • Associates must publish a minimum of one article every 24 months once in the program;
  • All articles are reviewed by the Monarch Administration before publication.

Interested parties should fill-in the form below for consideration by the Administration. The Administration will contact you once it has had time to review your material.

* Note: Articles must be from peer-reviewed journals. Published books must be from external independent publishers. Self-published books are not considered.

Researcher In Residence