Professor Lutsenko Presents On Transformation At

Professor Lutsenko Presenting At, Photo copyright

On September 24th, 2018 Professor Lutsenko, Professor of Management at Monarch Business School, presented at on individual transformation, creativity, collaboration, team building and leadership. She used her recent research experience at Burning Man 2018 as a catalyst for the discussion. Professor Lutsenko’s research investigates how individual creativity through personal transformation can bring increased personal confidence, leadership, team building and breakthroughs at the group level. Her research centers around the I.T. industry but is applicable to all enterprises looking to adapt to uncertain conditions and capture performance benefits from personal transformation as applied to a management setting. Her research shows that by involving individuals in creative and transforming experience communication and innovation, both individual and team based, becomes more open and performance increases. We look forward to a series of research articles in the near future further developing and describing her research findings.