Professional Ph.D. in Finance

The Professional PhD in Finance is designed for Candidates with prior studies in Finance or Economics that wish to enter directly into the research phase of the PhD program. Over the last decade the field of Finance has been shaken with cases of social irresponsibility and ethical lapses that have brought both the industry and the academic study of Finance in to question. At Monarch, it is expected that the PhD Candidate will address the larger ethical questions facing the academic domain and industry of Finance. The impact of financial policies on society with respect to social justice and ethics are key considerations to be discussed. Consideration as to how the study of Finance can be an enabler of social good as well as a potential destroyer of social wealth should take precedence.

  • Professional Research Orientation
  • Dissertation Based
  • Immediate Entry To The Research Phase of the PhD

Henderson-150-175The Professional Ph.D. in Finance program enables the Doctoral Research Candidate to develop research skills used within the context of the study of Finance. PhD Candidates are expected to research and consider how financial stewardship, its plans, policies and adoption, may act as a factor for social good or be used as a tool for market manipulation and wealth destruction. The role of Finance within society and the power it holds to create a more socially just, equitable and sustainable future for all is the main focus of research within the program. This focus is particularly interesting and can produce critical research when coupled with an examination of the role of Finance in developing and emerging economies.

Dr. Henderson – Dean of the School


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Program Structure

The program is structured to have the candidate immediately involved in researching their domain of interest. Candidates in this program have completed course work at a Bachelor and Master level in Finance or Economics and thus are prepared to enter directly in to the research phase of the PhD. In preparation for this, candidates complete a Critical thinking module, Mixed-Research Skills module as well as Research Skills modules in preparation to design a full research proposal that provides the necessary understanding for the professional research process to come during the dissertation phase. You may download the program schematic here.


The program is broken down into specific modules. The candidates moves through the modules successfully completing the program.

  • Critical Thinking (Link)
  • Mixed Research Methods (Link)
  • Research Skills Module (Link)
  • Research Proposal Module (Link)
  • Dissertation Part A (Link)
  • Dissertation Part B (Link)
  • Defense Preparation (Link)

Program Progression

The program progression focuses on the student immediately entering the research phase of the program as soon as the program is started. This has the Candidate focused on their specific domain of interest within the field of Finance from the outset of the program. At Monarch, the PhD Candidate begins their research without any distraction in repetitive coursework from the lower levels. You may download the program schematic here.

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.

  • Standard Duration = 3 Years
  • Candidates may extend the program up to 6 years, extension fees apply at the same rate.
The program is completed online using the Monarch Learning Management System. During the program the Candidate must attend at least one workshop on site at the school in order to design their research. The dissertation must be defended at the school at the end of the program.

Program Open To

  • Graduates from accredited Bachelor & Master programs in Economics and/or Finance with +5 Years Management Experience;
  • Candidates with a Professional designation related to Economic and/or Finance and +5 years managerial experience may be admitted to the program on the discretion of the Dean.

Tuition is levied on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration.

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Aurelia Ravet-Narayan, Doctor of Philosophy in Business ResearchI am a PhD graduate from France. Usually, before entering a PhD program one is asked to provide an academic proposal with the application, even if one doesn’t have any previous academic writing experience. This process can be challenging for a graduate from business or management science. At Monarch, you are guided from the beginning and the school assists you in creating your research proposal. You start the program by learning and understanding what research methodology is all about. Once this learning is integrated, you clarify and delineate the scope of your subject. Then you are equipped to start the research journey. I am very satisfied with the program because it is streamlined. The guidance from supervisors was clear and support from them is provided in a timely manner. You can also count on the support of your fellow students as a spirit of camaraderie reigns at the workshops. The Monarch experience is and will remain a tremendous step in my life.
Dr. Aurelia Ravet-Narayan – Doctor of Philosophy in Governance Graduate


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