Prof. Lutsenko Presents At The Continuous Innovation Network 18th Annual Conference in Potsdam

Lutsenko-150-175Prof. Anastasiia Lutsenko, Ph.D. in International Business Candidate has presented her research (as a single author research note) at the Continuous Innovation Network 18th Annual Conference “Digitalization and innovation: designing the organization of the future”, which took place at the Potsdam University, Potsdam, Germany between the dates 10-12 September 2017. The topic of her presentation was “Human Resource Management Practices and Entrepreneurial Orientation: Evidence from the Software Engineering Industry in Ukraine”.

In 2016, Ms. Lutsenko has presented a full paper at the same Continuous Innovation Network 17th Annual “Conference Innovation and tradition: combining the old and the new”. The title of the paper was: “Entrepreneurial Orientation And Business Performance Relationship In Software Development Industry”. The conference was held at the University of Turin, Turin, Italy between the dates 11-13 September 2016.

Link to the conference website can be found here: