Monarch Business School makes use of Doctoral workshops that help candidates create, plan and further their research in an intimate environment where they can receive one-to-one feedback from professors and fellow candidates. All candidates are invited to attend the workshops. Workshops have been held in Switzerland, Dubai, Spain and soon Bahrain. Workshops enable students to focus on their research design in a collegial atmosphere where they can incorporate suggestions and modifications from faculty and their peers. This ultimately results in better research and the building of academic relationships that last well beyond the duration of the program.



Godwin Umeaka, Doctor of Philosophy CandidateVery insightful, open and focused sessions. I received revived interest and determination to complete my program. Congratulations to the faculty and fellow participants. I recommend this pattern for all students.

Godwin Umeaka – Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

Benjamin Rutiumirwa, Doctor of Philosophy CandidateWe had a great and beneficial time. Congratulations to the administration for the organization and to the Professors for their guidance and orientation. I encourage all my fellow student colleagues to attend the workshop as early as possible within their program in order to benefit the greatest for their research design.

Benjamin Rutimirwa – Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

Dr. Qudrat-Ullah, the recipient of the 2015 Doctoral Workshop Teaching Award for Excellence, discusses the importance of the Doctoral Workshops. The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Henderson interviews Dr. Qudrat-Ullah following the Doctoral Workshop in Fuengirola, Spain.