Monarch Introduces Independent-Study Doctor of Commerce Program

“The Doctor of Commerce program provides candidates with a fully independent-study program that they may complete with the least amount of intervention by the university. The program is perfect for high caliber candidates that have a research background and work either in industry or academics. It really is the perfect program for those who are seeking a highly flexible study-mode that allows them to complete under their own guidance.” – Dr. Henderson, Dean of Studies


Monarch Business School Switzerland has introduced an independent-study Doctor of Commerce program for externally registered students. This program is designed for students who wish to have external status with the university while completing their manuscript under a fully independent study mode without doctoral supervision. This program provides the greatest amount of flexibility and is intended for candidates that have a high level of academic research knowledge and study discipline. It is ideal for faculty members and professional in research positions or those who simply wish to complete their research with minimal intervention.

The Details Of The Program May Be Viewed Here