The Modular MBA program is designed to allow the completion of a fully online MBA program by module. The Monarch Modular MBA is an innovative program that allows Candidates to complete a fully online MBA Program in a sequential manner with a great deal of flexibility and with little financial risk. Candidates progress through the program on a module-by-module basis. Each module has a fee which is paid before the module is started. This way, the financial exposure of the program for the student is limited to the cost of each module.

The program employs a blended learning methodology that includes one-to-one coaching, practical workplace application, current management scholarship and individual reflection. Success in the program is defined as higher managerial performance and effectiveness in the real world of the participant’s existing workplace. The program covers material considered to be essential to applied management and the practicing manager. Contemporary themes covered include: Management Performance, Authentic Leadership, Innovation & Change, The Importance of Culture, Social Issues in Management and Strategic Thinking.

Modular Sequence

The program contain 9 modules based on specific learning around important scholarly management domains. Candidates begin with the first modules and move sequentially through the curriculum. Courses are based on an 8 week standard duration. Candidates have up to 4 years to complete the program and may take breaks at any time between modules.

  • Managerial Performance
  • Innovation & Change
  • Marketing In The Digital Era
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Social Issues In Management
  • Production Management
  • Culture & Organizations
  • Strategic Thinking

State-Of-The-Art Learning Management System-LMS

The program is completed through the Monarch’s State-Of-The-Art Learning Platform in a remote study, fully online environment enabling participants to continue working during completion of the coursework and to apply their new knowledge immediately back to their working environments. There is no thesis work within the program and no requirement to attend the school.It is truly a 100% online program.

The Monarch Modular MBA program is truly innovative in structure. Many students have been prevented from following an MBA study due to high financial obligations and the requirement to be within an on-campus cohort. The Monarch Modular MBA removes this financial burden allowing payment by the course module while the fully online nature of the study enables students from anywhere to participate as long as they have an internet connection. With reduced financial stress and open access the program attracts participants from different cultures from around the world . Also, with the ability of students to take breaks between modules there is really no other MBA program available that reaches the flexibility of what Monarch has to offer.

Dr. Gary Keller – Professor within the Modular MBA Program

Program Fees

The fees of the program are paid before each module. Each module fee is 1,250 Euros for a total of  11,250 Euros for the entire program. Financial risk within the program is limited to the cost of each module.  Students may elect to continue the program after each module is completed. There is also a 100 Euros Administration fee for each course payment.

Partial Completion

Candidates  completing 2 courses are eligible to receive the Post-Graduate Certificate in Management. Candidates completing 4 courses are eligible to receive the Post Graduate Diploma in Management. This ensures that if you are not able to complete the entire program you will still receive evidence of your achievement. Course completion certificates will be issued at the successful completion of each course.


Monarch Business School is the first distance-learning business school to achieve triple accreditation by the International Standards Association (9001, 14001, 18001). Monarch Business School is a member of EFMD-The Premiere European Accreditaiton Agency, ACBSP-the Association For Collegiate Business Schools & Programs, CEEMAN-The Central and Eastern European Management Association and ACUNS-The Academic Council of the United Nations System. See our accreditation page.


MBA graduates are eligible to enter any of the Doctoral programs at Monarch upon successful completion of the MBA program. Automatic entry is valid for a period of 5 years.


All MBA students are eligible to attend the Monarch workshops held at various times. Workshops focus on the skills required to complete thesis work. The workshops are voluntary.

Study From Home, From Work Or While Traveling – Total Flexibility

The Fully Online program structure enables you to study from home, from work, when traveling or from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Asynchronous program design means you do not need to be on the computer at any specific time. You work through the program material at your own speed when you have the time. The modular design also enables you to take breaks or pauses between modules. You have total flexibility and are in control of your schedule. Paying for each module at a time means you have peace of mind from a financial standpoint.


Program Start Date

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.


Candidates has up to 4 years to complete the program of study. Candidates may interrupt their program of study at any time and resume at a later date. Each module is independent of the other and may be started at any time. Candidates are to complete one module at a time.

Study Mode

The program is completed online using the Monarch Learning Management System. There is no requirement to attend workshops on site. There is no defense requirement for this program.

Program Open To

The program is designed for the working professional with practical work experience. The typical age within the Professional MBA program is above 30 years old. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Dean.

  • Graduates from accredited Bachelor programs.
  • Candidates lacking the above with substantial managerial experience may be admitted to the program at the discretion of the Dean.

Doug Kukura, Doctor of ManagementThe Modular MBA program has enabled me to start studying while continuing to work. This is exactly what I was looking for. The program is affordable and I have been able manage the payments for each course one at a time. I’ve been able to take the study materials and apply them within my own job responsibilities and that’s made me a more effective manager. The benefits have also been clear for my employer helping to solidify my position in the company.

Doug Kukura – Modular MBA Candidate


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