May-2014 Symposium At Rapperswil Castle A Great Success!

The university is happy to announce that the May 2014 Doctoral symposium held at the Rapperswil symposium was a great success. Over 25 student and faculty were present for the week. Presentations were made by Dr. Henderson, Dr. York, Dr. Madarasz, Dr. Qudrat Ullah as well as Dr. Koegl. The symposium also held several doctoral defenses along with a graduation ceremony on theĀ  last day. An opening dinner and closing dinner in the Castle were also enjoyed by all. We look forward to seeing everyone present for the next symposium scheduled for November 2014.

The Castle In Rapperswil Where The Symposium Was Held

Candidates Posing In Front of the Castle


Candidates Posing With The Town In The Background

Dr. Antoniou (L) And Dr. Webster (R) Along with Candidate Kwape Mmela (C)

Dr. Madarasz Discusses Philosophy

Making International Friends Is The Purpose of the Symposium

Dr. Qudrat Ullah Making An Important Point

Dr. Henderson (C) With Some Of The Candidates Having A Good Time !

Dr. York Presenting To The Group

Dr. Koegl (L) and Dr. Qudrat Ullah Enjoying Some Leisure Time