Often professional business people who wish to apply to a Doctoral program lack a Master’s degree. In some cases these applicants are told by many institutions, including their alma mater, that they must obtain a Master degree before embarking on the doctorate. Similarly, many MBA holders when searching for a PhD program are told that the MBA is not an academic degree and therefore they are not eligible to follow a PhD program.


The Master-In-Passing at Monarch is awarded to all Doctoral candidates at the completion of their program of study. There is no additional requirement to obtain the MIP. In a credential based society as our own the additional awarding of the Master degree is seen as a real value to our candidates from a market standpoint.

Dr. Henderson – Dean of the School

Monarch Business School Switzerland addresses these two issue by offering the Master-In-Passing degree within the design of  the Doctoral programs. Also known as the “Master’s in passing”, “Master en-route”, “Master in-course” or “en passant” the ability to obtain a master degree while completing a doctoral program has been a long-time fixture of the Anglo-Saxon university system. Historically, this came about simply due to the fact that a Master degree was not a prerequisite for entering a Doctoral program. Otherwise said, the master and doctoral programs were seen by many as separate and distinct routes. That is, after a Bachelor degree one decided to continue either by way of the Master degree then exiting the university system becoming employed externally or one continued on to the PhD typically with the intent to teach as a professor.

Recent developments in higher education see more people interested in pursuing PhD training. To respond to this within the business community Monarch has introduced the Professional PhD: a PhD program specifically addressing the needs of the professional business person. Along with that the Master-in-Passing degree assist the professional business person who might be lacking a Master’s degree to fill a void in their academic C.V. At Monarch, all Doctoral candidates receive the equivalent Master degree once completing their doctoral requirements. For the Professinal PhD the MIP is the Mater of Philosophy degree. At convocation two separate diplomas are given to the graduate: Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. Other programs have their own related master degree.