Dr. York – Professor of Health Care

The healthcare industry is in period of investigation for opportunities to improve upon efficiency and to provide a higher quality of care. Senior administrators, managers and healthcare providers are at the helm of these changes to create positive direction for their organizations. This rapidly changing industry is now embracing new information technologies and software applications to improve security, patient information and advance e-health. The management of services in medical care involves a large number of individuals whose decisions and actions need to be coordinated, if the care is to be effective and efficient. Thus, it is the responsibility and necessity of those within managerial/administrative positions in healthcare to acquire the ability to plan, direct and lead change within the delivery of these services.

In addition, the healthcare manager must learn how to constantly adopt new conceptual models and frameworks of health care if they are going to develop creative and innovative strategies for management in the industry. Research in this area can be instrumental for the decision-making process by the general public, civil society groups, patient care and safety, clinicians, health care management teams and health care policy makers.