EDBAFlexible Asynchronous Programs

All programs at Monarch Business School are designed to be completed online in order to respond to the needs of our professional community of candidates.  Internet technology enables students to attend programs from any location at any time. Asynchronous means you can be online at any time and you don’t need to coordinate with a professor or fellow students. There are three study modes including: Full-time, Part-time and Independent. This translates to a higher possibility of success and enjoyment in the your studies.

Affordability Is Key
Online programs should be affordable. Digital technology enables schools to reach out to many more students and provide courses and programs for a fraction of the cost of attending a campus setting. This enables candidates to continue working and earning while studying. Affordable programs and the ability to continue earning while studying means less financial stress on you. Less stress means more enjoyment and a greater possibility of success. Monarch is committed to providing affordable programs that make it easy for you to attain your academic dream.

The Importance of Certification

Monarch is the first online business school to achieve Triple ISO Certification. ISO is recognized in over 163 countries in the world. That means you can trust that the programs at Monarch reflect Swiss quality. See more about Accreditation here.