Dr. Antoniou, Faculty of Leadership And CoachingIn today’s global business environment scholars and business people are building a greater appreciation for the importance of leadership and emotional competence. The Faculty of Leadership And Coaching recognizes the importance of personal mastery and its role within the organization. It is impossible to be an effective leader and coach of others without having personal knowledge and understanding. The Faculty of Leadership and Coaching builds on this simple adage by combining courses on leadership, personal mastery, psychology and coaching to enable the candidate to explore the boundaries of the self and its interaction with others. If this focus reflects your own orientation then we encourage you to apply to the Faculty of Leadership and Coaching and push yourself towards increased personal awareness and effectiveness.

A Focus On Congruency

Monarch Congruency Wheel, Faculty of Leadership And CoachingThe path to personal and systemic congruence is a path one follows throughout life. Monarch Business School sets the candidate on this personal journey. Dysfunction in an organizational setting may occur at many times and places due to increasing pressures and low-trust. Understanding the values and beliefs important to yourself and your organization is critical to having an impact on your surroundings and alleviating dysfunction.  The Faculty of Leadership and Coaching develops the candidate so that they may build functional strategies through a step-by-step approach in order to embrace challenges and become congruent. Ultimately, the goal is to create both a congruent person and congruent organizational setting. The defining characteristics of the Faculty of Leadership and Coaching are:

  • Focus on the Inside-Out Perspective.
  • Focus on Equality, Empowerment and Fairness
  • Exploration of the Self and Personal Needs.
  • Examination of Value Sets and Beliefs.
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness

Thesis Based Program

Candidates may follow a thesis based study under the Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Business Administration programs. This option builds upon previously acquired studies to develop new knowledge and understanding on human resources, personal development and organizational congruency.

Course Based Program

Candidates may begin their mastery of congruency through the application of a course based curriculum with the Doctor of Applied Leadership and Coaching program. Courses focus on providing a solid foundation of the applicable theory combined with exercises to develop increased personal insight.

Dr. Sadowsky On Story Telling & The Power Of Narrative

Dr. York, Faculty of Leadership And CoachingEveryone is an individual and each individual has their own set of personally held beliefs and values. These beliefs and values may come into conflict with those of the organization. Personal mastery is the key to mediating this conflict and moving forward in a congruent manner. Monarch develops the necessary skills to enable candidates to lead this change process either in themselves or with others.

Dr. York – Dean of Student Development & Professor of Leadership


Join the Faculty of Leadership And Coaching and Develop Yourself Into A Sustainable Leader.