Faculty Members, Faculty of Economics And FinanceThe programs in the Faculty of Economics And Finance are designed in a modular fashion enabling busy professionals to continue employment throughout their program of study. Optional study symposiums enable candidates to interact with fellow students from diverse backgrounds in an collegial and friendly atmosphere where true learning can take place. A focus on the nexus of ethics and global issues is at the core of the faculty study programs.

Globally Oriented Focus

The Faculty of Economics And Finance prides itself on being an environment where industry practitioners can collaborate with Faculty and fellow colleagues to produce exceptional quality in research. Candidates and Faculty originate from a diverse range of countries creating an international and global atmosphere. Divergent views and ideas mingle to enhance learning and growth. The defining characteristics of the Faculty of Economics are:

  • Global Orientation and Focus.
  • An Adherence to Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.
  • Integration of Divergent World Views
  • The Development of Research Based Results.

Research Based Results

Candidates may conclude research across any of the main disciplines in Economics, Finance or Political Economy.

Interdisciplinary Option

Candidates wishing to combine fields of study may do so by opting for an Interdisciplinary program. Monarch can help you develop a specific program of study to meet your individual needs and study preferences.

Dr. Chua, Faculty of Economics And FinanceThe focus on quality research and applied learning is apparent within the Faculty of Economics And Finance at Monarch. The Faculty of Economics and Finance prepares the Candidate for professional and academic life by instilling a love of research. Constant support by Faculty, staff and fellow Candidates means a greater opportunity for success.

Dr. Chua – Professor of Economics

Myriam Maier, Faculty of Economics And FinanceThe program within the Faculty of Economics And Finance at Monarch, has exceeded my expectations by far–since it allowed me to set my own pace of study, accompanied by guidance and care from the faculty whenever my steps faltered. The course material is of very high standard and I gained a deep knowledge from key areas of Economics alongside with the constant encouragement to aim higher and achieve my full potential. I am proud to be a member of Monarch Business School.

Dr. Myriam Maier – Doctor of Economics Graduate


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