Dr. Madarasz Teaching, Faculty of Business Philosophy Monarch Business School Switzerland is thus pleased to offer education in philosophy in its Faculty of Business Philosophy doctoral program. Despite being one of the oldest scientific practices, philosophy began to lose ground in the twentieth century. Progress achieved in the sciences prompted increased specialization, resulting in less public understanding of research in philosophy. Philosophy has always focused on rigorously thinking the new. The practices of philosophy aim at providing deep thought on change: change of self, of our practices, of society, and change of our understanding of who we are collectively by rigorously analyzing what we can achieve – and what we cannot.

A Focus On Knowledge

Joining the Faculty of Business Philosophy as a Doctoral Candidate means embarking on a scholarly journey of the highest challenge. Within the program Candidates are expected to excel at closing the gaps of knowledge between the practical and academic disciplines of their study domain. Candidates are expected to:

  • Thoroughly master the academic literature of their study domain.
  • Produce a high quality academic dissertation.
  • Bridge the gap of knowledge between the practical and theoretical.
  • Push the academic knowledge forward by developing new theory or models.
  • Be published in an outside academic journal.

Research-Based Specializations

Choose a specialization across the domain of management that focus on the role of business in society, applied ethics, governance and social responsibility.

Interdisciplinary Option

Candidates wishing to combine fields of study may do so by opting for an Interdisciplinary program. Monarch can help you develop a specific program of study to meet your individual needs and study preferences.

Dr-Keller-150-175The Candidates in our Business programs are expected to merge academic theory with professional practice. We give them the opportunity to do so in an environment of academic support. I am happy to say that the Monarch formula is producing excellent candidates that meet the challenge and who will continue on to develop into strong, ethically centered practitioners.

Dr. Keller – Professor of Management

Research Presentations

Candidates are able to present their research-in-progress to the faculty and fellow candidates during symposiums and workshops for comments and criticism in a supportive environment. This provides critical experience for the final defense as well as builds camaraderie with fellow candidates.

Terje Tonsberg, Faculty of Business Philosophy

Liane Imakando, Faculty of Business PhilosophyIt was unimaginable for me to think that I could actually undertake a Doctor of Philosophy degree by research. With a full time job, it was difficult for me to find a place that offered the flexibility and high quality of academic teaching that I needed. After a long search, I found Monarch Business School in Switzerland. I am amazed at how well organized the program is and am impressed with the support I receive from the academic staff. Academic excellence is definitely a hallmark of Monarch. There are no compromises on high academic standards. I find my academic experience at Monarch exciting, challenging and enjoyable. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is seeking academic excellence.”

Dr. Liane Imakando-Graduate of Philosophy in Business Research Program


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