The programs within the Faculty of Business And Management are designed for busy professionals like you. The modular design enables working professionals to continue employment throughout their program of study. Optional study symposiums enable candidates to interact with fellow students from a diverse backgrounds in an collegial and friendly atmosphere where true learning can take place. Join the Faculty of Business And Management and accelerate your career while having the experience of your life.

Monarch School Of Business

The Monarch Faculty of Business also referred to as the “Monarch School of Business” prides itself on being an environment where cultures interact and learn to work together. The faculty can boast of students attending the various programs form over 33 different countries complemented by an international faculty of Professors. This brings a wealth of experience to the study of management. The defining characteristics of the Monarch School of Business are:

  • Culturally  & Value Driven
  • Leadership & Ethics Oriented
  • International & Global Approach
  • Flexible Modular Curriculum

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Global Teaching Faculty

The teaching faculty at Monarch Business School is international in scope with experience at many of the top universities and business schools in the world. Over 90% of the teaching staff hold Doctoral level credentials. This ensures that the level of instruction at Monarch is of the highest quality and reputation.

Applied Professional Experience

The majority of Professors at Monarch have professional experience with years in managerial or professional positions. This ensure that the teaching at Monarch is grounded not only in theory but also is applied in nature.

Henderson-Faculty-Photo-150-175I am very proud of our students. They come from diverse backgrounds and learn from one another in a spirit of collaboration and respect. These are two of the main characteristics needed in the global marketplace. These characteristics are at the center of what defines Monarch.

Dr Henderson – President of the School

Symposiums & Seminars

Candidates from the program are able to visit Switzerland during various Symposiums and interact with fellow students and build new bonds and trust. The Remote-Study nature of the programs within the Faculty of Business enables working professionals to continue in their professional careers while attending their program of choice. This provides the best of both worlds and provides a level of flexibility typically not found in other business programs.

Group Photo, Faculty of Business And Management

Doctoral Students Participating In A Symposium At The Rapperswil Castle On Lake Zurich

BLOCK-Corrie-150-175I am a Canadian living in Dubai. I work as a Business Consultant all over the MENA region. There were only two pieces of non-negotiable criteria for me when choosing a EDBA program: quality learning, and near total flexibility. I found both at Monarch. I live a very fast-paced life providing business strategy and structuring advice to competitive multi-national companies. I need to know that as I perform at my best, the information I am fuelled by is state of the art and ahead of the game. The first thing I considered at Monarch were the reading requirements. From those I learned that the information I would be acquiring would be of immediate benefit to my strategic partners. Secondly, finding a course-based program that I could mold into my intense schedule was paramount to me. The Monarch EDBA gives me that flexibility”

Dr. Corrie Block-Doctor of Business Administration Candidate


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