Prof. Stewart

Born in New Zealand, Prof. Stewart began training people formally in 1997 and the coaching and desire to facilitate empowerment has continued ever since. Within the first few years, Paul had trained an Olympian, a Special Olympian, and three other New Zealand Sports Representatives. At the same time through his own development, Paul became interested in the power of thought and the various ways we can work with the energy of our life for personal and collective success.

As a keen adventurer in life, Paul has visited nearly 60 countries with his work as a Personal Trainer and Mind Body Spirit Coach, he has traveled to various power spots around the world and explored the workings of energy and vibration through study and direct personal experiences. He was inspired to walk around the world “with nothing” for one year. Leaving New Zealand with only $58, he spent ten months following his guidance and exploring while also experiencing many nights under the stars, on beaches, and even in homeless shelters. He also listened to a string quartet in a castle overlooking the Mediterranean. While rather extreme, the journey built a great sense of trust in the process of life, the goodness of people, and the strength required to live from that point of knowing.

In the following years, this foundation and opening lead to further training in the arts of consciousness and deliberate creating. He moved to Australia and then, when considering what would be ‘more’, a mentor suggested cruise ships. With his body tingling, he knew that it was the next step. Being the Fitness Director on a six star cruise ship refined Paul’s work further and also allowed him to experience high-end clientele and a second trip around the world. Upon completion, Paul felt Dubai calling and spent a number of months trying to establish something there. With resources running low, Paul utilized his training in conscious creating and within days, was flying to Kuwait to work with a member of the Ruling Family as their Personal Trainer. He stayed in Kuwait 5 successful years eventually creating a ‘Dream Role’ working as Personal Trainer for a Billionaire and flying around the world in a private jet.

Eventually, other ideas for personal growth came to Paul. They included beginning Kendo (a Japanese martial art based on the sword) and a growing interest and feeling for Japan in general. This eventually lead to Paul relocating to Japan where he is now providing his training services and empowerment workshops, studying both Kendo (3rd dan black belt) and Iaido (2nd dan black belt), and immersing in the deep and rich culture, nature and beauty of the land.

With a book about his adventures and insights steadily on the way and opportunities to share personal growth, Paul is passionate about people living their dreams, evolving their understandings of what works for them and, acknowledging and practicing the art of deliberate creation.

Academic Positions Held
  • Academic Coach, Monarch Business School Switzerland
  • English Teacher, Global Sky Education, Tokyo (2017)
Academic Credentials
  • Professional Ph.D./M.Phil., Monarch Business School Switzerland (in progress)
  • Diploma of Sports Study, Otago University, New Zealand
Main Academic Interests
  • Personal Leadership
  • Storytelling
  • Empowerment
  • Spirituality In Management
Professional Positions Held In The Past
  • Business Manager, K.K. Sherpa, Japan
Honors & Awards
  • San-Dan, Kendo, Japanese Swordsmanship, Tokyo, Japan
  • Ni-Dan, Iaido, Japanese Sword Art, Tokyo, Japan
Associations And Memberships
  • St. John’s Advanced Emergency Care & CPR
  • Heart Foundation Leadership Training
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR, Tokyo Fire Department
  • English

Paul Stewart Practicing The Exacting Art Of Japanese Sword