Dr. Al-Fardan

Dr. Hasan Al Fardan holds the position of Professor of Organizational Behavior. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy as well as Master of Philosophy from Monarch Business School and MBA from AMA International University, Bahrain. He also holds a B.A. from the University of Bahrain. Professionally, Dr. Al Fardan holds the position of Head of Promotions and conferences at the Oil & Gas Authority of Kingdom of Bahrain. He also has industry experience in NGOs, teaching and sales. He also provides training at the following groups: Bridge, Fast Track, Business Excellence, Leaders, Tylose, Victory, The Experts Group. Professor Al Fardan also works as a volunteer with leading and professional NGO’s such as Bahrain Management Society as General Manager for Corporate communication.

Academic Positions Held
  • Professor of Organizational Behavior, Monarch Business School Switzerland
  • Regional Representative, Monarch Alumni Association
Academic Credentials
  • D.Phil. Management, Monarch Business School Switzerland
  • M.Phil. Business Research, Monarch Business School Switzerland
  • MBA Strategic Management, AMA International University, Bahrain
  • BA, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain
Professional Position Held
  • Head of Promotion and Conferences, Oil & Gas Authority, Bahrain
  • NGO’s Senior Specialist, Ministry of Social Development
  • Instructor, Ministry of Education, Bahrain
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel & Management, CIPD (UK)
  • The International NLP Trainers Association. ( USA )
  • Royal Institute of Personnel Administration, RIPA (UK)
  • Chartered Institute of Business Professionals, CBP (USA)
  • Institute of Leadership Management, ILM (USA)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program, EDP (Bahrain)
  • Member of Board of Director – Bahrain Management Society, BMS (Bahrain)
  • Bahrain Society of Training and Development, BSTD (Bahrain)
  • Toast Master International Public Speaking Club (USA)
  • Arabic
  • English
Academic Interest
  • Culture
  • Corporate Communication
  • Human Resources & Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building
Conferences Attended
  • International Leadership Conference 2003 -2016.
  • Middle East Refining and Petrochemical Conference and Exhibition 2010 – 2016.
  • Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference 2011 – 2015.
  • Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition 2011 – 2015.
  • 15th Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition 2014.
  • Meed Energy Conference 2014.
  • 1st Bahrain international corporate governance 2014.
  • The challenges of low productivity conference , Bahrain , 2010
  • 6th International Leadership Conference Bahrain .2010
  • 5th International Leadership conference ,Bahrain.2009.
  • Experience Exchange between the Kingdom of Bahrain’s NGO’s and France 2007 Workshop meeting on Youth, Poverty, Social care and Immigrated workers issues, Bahrain
    Role: Director of the Youth Issues.
  • The International Asia Pacific Human Resources Development, 2007, Congress and Exhibition, India.
  • International Federation of Training and Development, Organisations Malaysia, 2006, Congress and Exhibition, Malaysia.
  • Human Technology and Corporate Communication” titled “Power of One Gulf Training Solutions, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2006.
  • New Strategies for Creating Extra Results, 2006 Certificate of Professional Development in Results Achievement , Series Worldwide Conference, Luma Core and Gulf Training Solutions, Kingdom of Bahrain 2006.
  • Asian Regional Training and Development Organization, 2006. Role: Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications Committee Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Intensive course in Non government organizations (USA), 2006. Contents: Public Relation for non profit organizations , development sessions and How to market non profit event.
  • Building True Success Wherever You Live and Work, 2006 Certificate of Professional Development “World Wide Conference. LumaCore and Gulf Training Solutions, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Intensive Course in Cooperative Societies Business Practices, 2005, Egypt. “How to Achieve Excellence in new tasks and challenges”
  • Rehabilitation International Conference, 2005 Ministry of Social Development, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Seminars & Symposiums
  • Doctoral Symposium, Monarch Business School, June-2015
  • Doctoral Symposium, Monarch Business School, May-2014
  • Doctoral Symposium, Monarch Business School, Sept-2013
  • Doctoral Symposium, Monarch Business School, May-2013