Dr. Antoniou – Professor of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an exciting topic, not least because it researches the main driver of economic progress in an economy and society at large. Capturing Entrepreneurship from a theoretical perspective is difficult because it is multi-dimensional: it embraces such varied topics as innovation, creativity, leadership, as well as personality and psychological traits of the entrepreneur, but also informs the relevant themes researching small-and-medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), governance structures, venture capital, and start ups, among others.

Entrepreneurship in the context of large firms may also take the form of Intrapreneurship and result in spin-offs. From an Economic Theory standpoint entrepreneurship rests on the notions of asymmetric and imperfect information and decision-making in such a context, risk-bearing, incentives and above-average returns on investment. Recent geopolitical shifts and technological advancements have allowed for the dissemination of entrepreneurship even in the most unlikely of places around the globe, while entrepreneurial values have evolved as universally accepted prerequisites for the competitiveness of local, national and regional economies. Entrepreneurship research is still inconclusive regarding many of the different facets of entrepreneurship, making further analysis both essential and promising.