Doctor of Professional Studies By Published Works

The Doctor of Professional Studies by Published Works (DProf by Published Works) is designed to meet the requirements of high performing working professionals who already have published works or in the preparation stage of publishing which influence professional practice and contribute to new knowledge.

The Doctor of Professional Studies program is open to all professional areas. The focus of the program is unique as it is tailored to the context of the candidate’s professional work environment and activities in combination with their own specific area of interest and expertise. During the program candidates will critically review their own published works and critique their contributions to knowledge made to establish further learning. The critique describes the aims of the research that has been undertaken to produce the publications, incorporates an analytical discussion of the main results and contribution and puts the total work submitted in context.

  • The program focuses on the candidate’s professional working environment and activities and places the candidate at the center of its unique and personalized study.
  • The program recognizes the candidate’s contributions to, and influence made in their professional work environment, the creation of knowledge and applied practice of doctoral level activities.
  • During the program candidates will perform a comprehensive individual critique of their prior published works, develop new works, and derive further learning from the knowledge outcomes by placing their works in the wider context of the candidate’s professional work environment.
  • The program is completed online via the Monarch Digital Campus. There is no requirement to attend campus.

Published Works

A portfolio of published works may include but are not limited to published works in the traditional written form like books and book chapters, scholarly works, edited texts, specialist reports prepared for government departments and other public bodies, but may also include translations, collections of artefacts, videos, photographic records, the preparation of computer programs and diagrammatic representations. Published works must be available or traceable in the public domain and not be self-published. If a sufficient amount of published works is not available the candidate may publish additional scholarly articles while registered in the program. The body of work may not include any material produced more than ten years before the date of submission.

Program Delivery

During the program you will be in close contact with your program professor who will advise you on how to structure your research proposal, manuscript and prepare you for the presentation to meet the doctoral criteria. Your course professor will be your primary support during your stay in the program. The program is completed online using the Monarch Executive Institute’s Learning Management System known as Nobilis365, enabling candidates to continue working during the program. During the program you will have access to the learning materials and resources available on the Monarch Digital Campus. Due to the fully digitalized learning environment, there is no requirement to attend campus.

Fully Online - Rolling Admission

Monarch Digital Campus

Is the central hub for your studies. It is also your passport to success in your program at Monarch. As a graduate research institute technology is key to the smooth development of research. Monarch has used digital technology as a driver for research success within its various programs since its inception. From the MDC you can access the Monarch Cloud storage, the Nobilis Learning Management System and the suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps. The MDC also includes access to the Monarch Digital Library databases, access to the Dissertation Wikis,  and the research database. All resources are available on mobile devices through the Google or iPhone store.


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Program Structure

Published Works

You will compose a portfolio of Published Works, which includes a summary of the published works you intend to submit, in combination with a justification for the relevance of your published works to your organization and/or professional field.

Research Skills

In the Research skills module you will develop the skills and qualifications required to perform critical review of your published works.

Research Proposal

You will develop a 10 to 15 page detailed research proposal which will serve as the basis for your manuscript. The proposal includes a critical review of your own published works and critique of your contributions to knowledge.


You will compose a 20,000 – 25,000 word manuscript, excluding the published works, which considers a review of the published works resulting in managerial key takeaways for application in your professional work environment.


You will present your research to an expert panel. With the successful completion of the examination, you will be awarded the Doctorate in Professional Studies by Published Works.

The Doctor of Professional Studies by Published Works is an unique program that recognizes the important contribution of working professionals within industry. Many professionals already have a portfolio of work that has made a contribution to the knowledge in their industry and can be officially recognized as such within academics. The DProf program enables the practitioner to highlight their contribution and place it within an academic setting thereby obtaining the recognition of their peers. This program opens up a pathway for recognition for many professionals which has remained unavailable in the past. It truly is an unique opportunity.
Dr. Ostende - Director of the Doctor of Professional Studies Program

The Monarch Doctor of Professional Studies program enabled me to take my body of research work in neuroscience and management and place it into a coherent whole for presentation for a higher degree. I had already been working for several years in the field both in industry and academia and had publishing many books and conference proceedings. Monarch enabled me to take that body of work, create an academic coherency around it and have it recognized as a substantial contribution. I am proud to be a graduate of the Monarch DProf program.
Dr. Justin Kennedy - Doctor of Professional Studies Graduate - South Africa

Program Duration & Entry Requirements

This program is designed for high performing working professionals with substantial professional experience at a senior management level. You must show evidence of substantial professional work experience and a body of published work. The time frame for completing the program varies between 12 to 24 months, depending on the number of published works and mutual coherence brought into the program. Typically, the submission of a minimum of three published works is a prerequisite:

3 Published Works

With three qualified published works the candidate can proceed directly towards the composition of the research proposal upon entry of the program. Program Duration may be as short as 12 months.


All applications are assessed on an individual basis. Our expert panel will assess the quality and the coherence of your publications and your intended research focus. When the application is successful, a program professor will be assigned to you at the start of your program.

2 Published Works

With two qualified published works one additional work needs to be created during the program. Program duration may be a short as 18 months.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee is 15,000 Euros and covers the 24 months period and can be paid in installments: Tuition fees in the first year are 10,000 Euros; second year of study tuition fees are 5,000 Euros. Extension beyond the second year incurs an annual fee of 5,000 Euros. Candidates have a maximum of 4 years to complete the program.

1 Published Work

With one qualified published work two additional works need to be created during the program. The duration of the program would be 24 months.


Doctor of Professional Studies by Published Works (DProf by Published Works) will be awarded by Monarch Business School Switzerland.

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