Existing, external doctoral students may transfer into a Monarch Doctoral program on the authorization of the Dean of the Faculty. Interested students should contact the Administration to make their intentions known.

Students transferring into the a Doctoral program at Monarch are required to complete at least 2/3rd of their program at Monarch which means that 2 years out of the standard 3 year duration must be completed at Monarch.

All doctoral students must complete a doctoral research proposal in the Monarch format for their file. It is impossible for a student to complete a doctoral program at Monarch without an approved research proposal. Further, transfer students must be able to show the equivalent research methodology courses having been completed at their original institution. If not, then the transfer student will be required to complete these courses at Monarch. Also, the Administration reserves the right to request that the transfer student complete the Monarch research methodology courses whether or not these have been completed previously.

Tuition fees for transfer students are determined on a pro-rata basis for standard fees for the amount of time spent in the program.