Doctoral Student Anastasiia Lutsenko To Present Paper At Drukarstvo Molode Conference

It is with pleasure that the university announces that Doctoral Student Ms. Anastasiia Lutsenko will be presenting a paper at the 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference for Undergraduate and Graduate Students «Drukarstvo Molode» in Kyiv, April 23-25, 2013. Her paper is entitled, “Publishing And Bookselling Industry: New Perspectives”.

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Significant events in the publishing and bookselling business such as Microsoft’s partnership with Barnes & Noble in April 2013 are desirable news in many publishers’ groups and can be seen as a good sign for Industry development. However conversely it signals a departure of the main players from the traditional industry and may point to the fading of this part of economy.

However, the rise of the Internet certainly is inevitable and the public becomes “first aware and later enamored with the ease of purchase” through the web. In other words, it’s necessary to change the perspective of how the modern publishing and bookselling industry is seen. According to “The Guardian”, in July 2011 “e-books eclipsed printed books sales” and today such giants as, are clear examples of successfully developed online retailers of eBooks as well as hard-covers. Additionally, within past years more literature was sold via “online” rather than via the retailing networks. The largest publishing houses of such countries as Spain, Sweden, Poland, Australia, and Italy are broadly releasing new titles in eBook format aside from the print. In China, mobile phones are preferred platforms for bookish content. In Brazil, educational content is the main driver for the development of “digital” dimension of publishing products. Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony and Kobo actively develop online platforms and devices for selling both eBooks and printed. Statistics also reveal information that the total amount of literature sold remains almost unchanged but what changes is the way they are released and sold. It is necessary to admit that the publishing and bookselling business is dynamically developing but it is slightly changing its direction which may be harmful in some ways but also has its benefits in others.