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The focus of the Combined Doctor of Economics and Finance Dual degree program is to provide the student with an opportunity to study an applied economics or finance problem as it manifest in the ongoing day-to-day operations of the firm and society. Candidates pursuing this degree are interested in examining economic and finance problems from an applied standpoint and developing real world applications and solutions. The program requires that the Candidate hold a strong knowledge of both Economics and Finance and hat the research carried-out would focus on a relevant topic at the nexus of these two domains. Students entering this program are active within the professional economic and financial industries or intend to enter the either industry as an analyst or in a managerial capacity.


Monarch Business School is the first distance-learning business school to achieve triple accreditation by the International Standards Association (9001, 14001, 18001). Monarch Business School is a member of EFMD-The Premiere European Accreditaiton Agency, ACBSP-the Association For Collegiate Business Schools & Programs, CEEMAN-The Central and Eastern European Management Association and ACUNS-The Academic Council of the United Nations System. See our accreditation page.

Dr-Schinckus-150Today’s complex business world requires managers who can integrate the knowledge of economics and finance into a holistic approach to drive better decision making. The Doctor of Economics and Finance does that in an applied manner bringing theory to real world case studies. The result is that Candidates leave the program with a sense of confidence that they can make the appropriate business decision at the right time.
Dr. Christophe Schinckus – Professor of Finance

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.

  • Standard Duration = 3 Years
  • Candidates may extend the program up to 6 years, extension fees apply at the same rate.
The program is completed online using the Monarch Learning Management System. During the program the Candidate must attend at least one workshop on sight at the school in order to design the research. The dissertation/manuscript must be defended at the school at the end of the program.

Program Open To

  • Graduates from accredited Bachelor & Master programs with +5 Years Management Experience;
  • Candidates with a Professional designation and +5 years managerial experience may be admitted to the program on the discretion of the Dean.

Tuition is levied on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration. The program follows the same tuition fee structure as the Dual PhD/DBA program.

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