DrDahringer-150-175The Dean's 20% Scholarship Award

In honor of Dr. Lee Dahringer, former Dean of the Faculty at Monarch Business School and presently Professor Emeritus, the Monarch Business School Dean's Scholarship provides partial scholarships in the form of a 20% reduction in tuition fees to students from OECD Developing countries while at Monarch Business School. The scholarship is awarded on an individual basis once the applicant has been accepted into the program. The Dean's scholarship is an economic scholarship provided by the Monarch Alumni Fund and no additional scholarship application is required.

Application Procedure

Interested Scholarship Applicants should indicate in Section 5 on the Application Form that they wish to apply with the Dean's Scholarship.


The Doctor of Literature program as well as the Modular MBA program are not eligible for the Dean's Scholarship Provision.

Additional Support

Applicants should note that Monarch Business School does not provide additional scholarships beyond the Dean's Scholarship for students nor does it maintain a list of scholarship agencies. Additional scholarship assistance required by the applicant must be found by them and arranged by them either within their own country of origin or residency as the case may be.


Additional Sources Of Scholarship Funding


Nigerian applicants may find additional scholarship support through the TETFUND program. Link: https://tetfundserver.com/



Ghanaian applicants may apply for additional scholarships through the GETFund at: https://worldscholarshipforum.com/getfund-scholarship/