This course aims to analyze and synthesize the questions of personal and spiritual growth. The course design highlights the role of spirituality in the emotional well-being and adjustment of individuals. Furthermore, this course introduces the candidate towards theological examination of contemporary expressions of faith. The objectives are achieved through an interdisciplinary perspective on faith and practice by converging theories of spirituality and psychology for developing the self and others. The former allows for new perspectives on spirituality and its importance in converting insight into action. In addition, the candidate will learn how to position themselves as “participant-observer” to be able to engage in reflective practices and relational learning as strategies for challenging times. The study of qualitative and hermeneutical methods will be used to analyze spirituality. Furthermore, the principle of comparative analysis will be introduced within other religions and secular culture to increase understanding and practice of spirituality. The importance of spiritual practices and the overall relationship of spirituality to the coaching and counselling process will also be considered.

Duration = 12 weeks

Course / Module Professor

Dr. Donald Oxford York holds the position of Professor of Leadership Studies at Monarch Business School Switzerland as well as Dean of Student Development. Professor Dr. York holds a D.Phil. in Business Research degree with distinction from Monarch Business School where he also earned a Master of Philosophy in Business Research with distinction. He also holds a B.A. in Behavioral Neuropsychology from McGill University in Montreal where he also completed a Graduate Diploma in Leadership. At present, Dr. York is completing a MA in Counselling & Spirituality at St-Paul University, a college of the University of Ottawa. His areas of interest revolve around Health Care Administration and Leadership. (More…)