Course Description

This course is designed to enable students to analyze business situations from the point of view of the general manager, but more specifically with know-how understanding and confidence, to properly address the strategy of Management. Managers have responsibility for making strategic decisions and insure the long-term health of the entire firm or a major division. The key tasks involved in general management include the detection of and adaptation to environmental change, the procurement and allocation of critical resources, the integration of activities across subparts of the organization, and, at the most senior levels, the determination of corporate purpose and direction. This module will also specifically focus on the role of change, its variables and deliverables and its intrinsic force to delegate and empower the entire concept of Management. The course makes use of an in-depth, multi-submission case study in order to provide an applied, hand-on application of strategy theory.

Duration = 12 weeks

Course/Module Professor

Dr. Khalil Du Plessis holds the positions of Professor of Management & Business Strategy at Monarch Business School Switzerland. He holds a Dual PhD / Doctor of Management and Master of Management from Monarch Business School Switzerland. He also holds a Bachelor of Accounting from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Dr. Du Plessis has over 20 years management expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning as a professional consultant. Previously he has lectured in management at both the Cape Town and Witbank Technical Colleges in South Africa. (More…)