Course Description

This module assists the candidate in completing the Thesis Part A portion of the dissertation. The Thesis Part A consists of Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Literature Review; Chapter 3: Methodology; and, Questionnaire Preparation. Candidates will move through the Chapters in sequence with a final integration provided for review. The module emphasizes the construction of a strong Introduction chapter with and well thought-out Literature chapter along with a clear and well defined Research Methodology chapter. By the end of the module candidates will be in the position to perfect their research questionnaire and be able to move into the filed research portion of their program. All candidates must be able to complete the module to satisfaction of the Administration before they are able to complete any field work.

Duration = 56 weeks

Course/Module Professor

Dr. Donald Oxford York holds the position of Professor of Leadership Studies at Monarch Business School Switzerland as well as Dean of Student Development. Professor Dr. York holds a D.Phil. in Business Research degree with distinction from Monarch Business School where he also earned a Master of Philosophy in Business Research with distinction. He also holds a B.A. in Behavioral Neuropsychology from McGill University in Montreal where he also completed a Graduate Diploma in Leadership. At present, Dr. York is completing a MA in Counselling & Spirituality at St-Paul University, a college of the University of Ottawa. His areas of interest revolve around Health Care Administration and Leadership. (More…)


Course/Module Professor

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson holds the position of Professor of Business Ethics. Dr. Henderson has held the position of Dean of Studies and Dean of the Faculty in the past. Earlier, Dr. Henderson was an affiliate professor at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France. Dr. Henderson has also been a lecturer for real estate finance within the Faculty of Management at McGill University. He also has held the position of Dean of Student Development at SMC University. Dr. Henderson holds a D.Phil. in Business Research from Monarch Business School, a Doctor of Political Economy from SMC University, a Doctorandus (Drs.) and MBA from Nijenrode Unversiteit in The Netherlands. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce with distinction from McGill University in Montreal. He is a chartered member of the Canadian Institute of Management, a member of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in the United Kingdom and a member of ACUNS-Academic Council of the United Nations System. (More…)